If you like short walks:vil·la closa sant climençvil·la closa sant climençesglèsia sant climenç

- In the village of San Climenç you can visit the Romanesque church of the 12th century, la Vila Closa, which is a medieval structure consisting of a cul-de-sac that was built in order to protect the people inside the walls of the village formed by the houses and flanked by a stately castle at its entry.


font sant climençrutes sant climenç

- There are marked trails for nature walks, trail of the fountains, trail of the lies ...


font i picnic

- There is a recently restored picnic place. You will find there a barbecue, tables, water and, of course, shadow.


- Visit the site of the Iberian period at “la Codina” (4 km from the house).

- Visit the old watchtower and the Romanesque church of St. Jaume in Sallent (10 km from the village).

- Visit the parish church of Sant Pere de Madrona and the ruins of Madrona Castle.


territori de masies

- All the brochures of the routes of the municipality and the county available in the house.

If you like sports:

port del compte- Alpine Ski Resort “Port del Compte”, only 40 minutes from the house. www.portdelcomte.net


ski de fons

- Alpine Ski Resort “Port del Compte”, only 40 minutes from the house.


muntanyakayacs- Trips with kayaks in the lake of St. Pons, guided mountain walks and hiking, canyons, etc. www.tirantmilles.com



- Golf Club “Ribera Salada”, Golf Club “Area de Guissona”.


- Hunting and fishing. In the house we will inform you how to get tickets for these activities.



...or relax and culture:

castell vell solsona- Visit Solsona: old town, cathedral, museum and ice well, enjoy the festival of the town, its famous carnival and its folklore. Enjoy a meal or snack at any of the gastronomic establishments of the district.


- In summertime, just a few kilometers from the house, you will find the “Ribera Salada” riverside where you can spend the afternoon by the water and enjoy a nap in the shadow.


- 100 Km to Andorra.


- 110 Km to Lleida.




Solsonès, a pre-Pyrenean region where the fields combine with large expanses of forest, rivers, springs and rough spots on the mountain.


Most of its territory consists of scattered houses, some of which are beautiful examples of the construction characteristics of rural Catalonia in the fifteenth century. Solsonès, for this reason has been called "the land of the thousand houses," retains its more ancient folkloric manifestations and the configuration of a landscape untouched nature.


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